I am an Asset and not a Liability to my Family and Community

16 Aug

nesh maasaiI am a girl who is so proud of herself and deserves respect and dignity from planet earth. I will never be ashamed to stand out and fight for the rights of a girl child. I am a strong advocate and champion of education for all campaign and my main issue is on CHILD/FORCED/EARLY MARRIAGE.
Can someone help me interpret Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that: “Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses?
No matter how many times we protest, tweet, facebook, hashtag, or sign online petitions, Child/forced/early marriage still happens all the time, every day, to girls across the world. It will only take someone like you and me to stand up strongly and say NO in unity to end this. These innocent angles need us now more than ever!!. It’s time to stop ignoring the problem and ACT. Child marriage is a sensitive, complicated, and worrying and a public secret that everyone knows but nobody is willing to talk about. Marrying girls before they reach adulthood disempowers them and denies them the right to determine their own future. Child marriage is a violation of human rights and mostly results into some painful consequences such as separation from friends and family, poor access to education opportunities, lack of freedom to participate in community activities and sexual exploitation and violation. Child brides cannot negotiate for safe sex and are exposed to various health risks like HIV/AIDS, injury due to early sexual activity and early childbearing and even death caused by complications related to early pregnancy and childbirth. They are also as twice as likely to become victims of domestic and sexual violence, and have little or no control over their reproductive rights, especially since their husbands are way much older men who expects them to obey everything they are told do. As they say “they should be seen and not heard.”
Many people still blame this act on culture and traditions but personally I believe we can find alternative ways of honoring and embracing our culture. Girls who get married off early rarely have access to education because they drop out of school. As much as parents think marrying their daughters off at an early age is a way of protecting them from sexual assault and avoiding pregnancy outside marriage, they also need to be aware that educating a girl child has a positive impact on health, economy and poverty reduction not just to her but to her family and the community. There is a big gap in education between boys and girls, this only means that the girl and her offspring will still live in poverty.

As an advocate for girl child education all I can do as an individual is to empower girls with information and skills, lobby for education of girls and women and establish community dialogues to discuss the risks of early marriage with parents and opinion leaders. My goal is to ensure that MDG #1 – #6 is achieved by 2015 and is sustained beyond that.
this is what I have always know about LOVE.. True Love

so to those who still force their girls into marriage kindly take a minute and read the above bible verse and set your your daughter free to choose whom she loves and wants to marry  at the right time.  more coming soon!!……… ❤


Me, Myself and I

11 Aug

Image Yes it was just recently when I cried on my Mama’s laps, seeking attention, food, love for nature and just shading tears as it is the best medicine one can ever find. Just cleansing my inner soul. I grew up as a kindhearted young woman who always gave priority to the less fortunate in the society. most of the time I never think of myself but I think of that boy or girl who cannot go to school just because they do not have a pen or shoes, uniform or even food. I sacrifice alot just to see that the world is a better place for every living thing. one unique thing about me is that I cannot kill any living thing except a mosquito but the day they will stop interfering with my sweet sleep then I will also stop killing them.  I feel very much at peace and happy when I go to a community and just listen to the people, issues and ways of solving them than sitting in a posh office going round in my comfortable seat and talking on phone all day. what I hate most is disappointing people and making empty promises. I like smiling even in hard times. I respect and embrace everyone in the society. discrimination is not part of my life as I believe everybody is equal before God. He created us in his own image so why love others and hate others? and how would you feel if the same this was done to you? you never know who will come to your rescue tomorrow so think about this next time you do such acts.  3 words that I love and use the most are EXCUSE ME, SORRY and THANK YOU. I say these on a daily basis and I think every hour. ooh ooh I gotta go so get more from me later. for now let me Rise, Sing, Play and Dance….. not forgetting to smile as its the food to my sould


27 Sep

the meeting today at Panafric hotel with the DSW and GIT organizations was the best.. I learnt alot about the reproductive health issues and how they are working towards helping the young people know their sexual rights. this they do by providing safe spaces for young people where they can go and share what they have and also get to know how they can access health services without any fear. this was a great lesson to me since I am one of the champions of SRHR and my goal has been to ensure that all the young people get access to health services and information. more to come…..

Hello world!

26 Sep

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