Patience pays

11 Sep

Ever since my conception I have achieved nothing without sweat and patience, not even when I was being born, I had to sweat my way out after waiting patiently for nine months and that’s why I cried with a very sharp angelic voice not because I was happy to finally have made my way out but because of what was awaiting me in this cruel world.

its a warm welcome to the world

Growing up was  much of a rocky path, but what I learnt over time was that a small child falls many times before he or she learns how to walk and until or unless we go through the pain and frustrations , then we wont be able to achieve our goals in life. when some people thought their lives were a bed of roses I thought mine was a mat of thorns. Despite the pricking thorns, the harsh sun and the windy, cold rainy seasons,I told myself that I have to press on and that one day I will archive what I wanted and no one was going to stop me.
if wishes were horses
After high school with no cash to join college immediately, I went from office to office looking for whatever job I could get as long as I got my daily bread. Being an independent woman at a very young age, idling was a no no for me as I had to pay my bills and keep myself to the standard that pleased me. Many doors were shut in my face, many failed promises, harassment, blackmail and all but I still pressed on. going through all these made me  realize we must face challenges and struggles in order  to achieve our goals. If there were no sad moments, the worth of happy moments couldn’t be realized. All I knew deep within me was that nothing is Permanent, not even worrie and each phase of life will pass away giving me some unforgettable memories. After every dark night there is a morning filled with lots of light. Every bummer I received came with a big rise. In all things give praise and Glory to God always. He is the Truth, the Way and the Light. He will guide your paths. prayer was my source of strength and some Big faith. I prayed, believed and waited patiently. no matter what obstacle came my way I scattered it by fire and reminded God that I was his Child and the Devil had no right to play his Aerobics on me.
But after  many years of  toils, struggles, oppressions, embarassments and heart aches, I thought it was just too much for me and that is when I thought enough was enough and it was time to call it a try or a day or whatever suits. I almost  gave up in life and found my way into a hiding place. of cause that was in my house. I cut my hair short thinking that would help increace my patience but instead it hit a big rock
my short hairdo
All I wanted was  to go away and never come back, or go to a place where there was no one to see or talk to. I asked myself many questions, so many that even a very inteligent teacher could not answer but then I remembered how much God loved me and that He had given me life in abundance. I knew God had given me hands and brains so   I put all my focus and effort into community service. I decided to serve the people through voluntering with different organizations. This I did with all my heart , my soul and spirit. I just realized it was a gift from God and that God had been waiting for me to discover it on my own. by doing this, my doors started opening day by day. Each day came with its own surprises and miracles.
I am who I am today because of the service I offered and is still offering to the community. its through the hard work and
patience that led to me being recognized by someone who helped me climbe the ladder. I was mentored, I was corrected and I obeyed and followed instructions of every detail. I performed my duties and tried as much as possible to do them well despite the many challenges. I asked questions where I did not understand. During this time I prayed and trusted God for bigger and better opportunities and because he is so faithful He gave them to me.
Through it all I am now counting my blessings each day thanking God for what I got, what I do, what I have learnt and what I am yet to archive. Things don’t come to us on a silver platter, we have to rise up and go get it.  Even the bible reminds us that KNOCK AND THE DOOR SHALL BE OPEN, ASK AND YOU SHALL BE GIVEN. It is amazing to be patient and do whatever you do with all you heart as if it was your own. stop complaining and just do it. I am a living esample of patience and yes I can testify that IT PAYS. that point when you are almost giving up, that’s when God is preparing to start manifesting himslef into your life so NEVER GIVE UP……

5 Responses to “Patience pays”

  1. lizhawo September 12, 2013 at 9:57 am #

    Inspiring 🙂

  2. sjsamuelShalisha September 12, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    Such truth and honesty. Your openness about your story will help others. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shiinnnee! …. don’t let satan out it NO, I’m gonna let it shinnneee!” Shine it on a mountain top. I pray God’s continued blessings onto you as you do his work.

    Much Love,
    Shalisha 🙂

  3. Terry September 12, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

    Great piece of honesty and hardwork, and Yes, patience too. I remember the first time I met you while we were both volunteering at the YWCA women’s conference at AACC in Nairobi, I knew then that you were destined for greater things. I am happy for you and where you have reached, but it does not even begin to compare to what still lies ahead. Go girl, go get them!!

  4. Marcia Banaskoma September 18, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    Great blog nelly i am so blessed to know you and you are a great leader and example to us all! Btw u were a super cute baby 🙂


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