Me, Myself and I

11 Aug

Image Yes it was just recently when I cried on my Mama’s laps, seeking attention, food, love for nature and just shading tears as it is the best medicine one can ever find. Just cleansing my inner soul. I grew up as a kindhearted young woman who always gave priority to the less fortunate in the society. most of the time I never think of myself but I think of that boy or girl who cannot go to school just because they do not have a pen or shoes, uniform or even food. I sacrifice alot just to see that the world is a better place for every living thing. one unique thing about me is that I cannot kill any living thing except a mosquito but the day they will stop interfering with my sweet sleep then I will also stop killing them.  I feel very much at peace and happy when I go to a community and just listen to the people, issues and ways of solving them than sitting in a posh office going round in my comfortable seat and talking on phone all day. what I hate most is disappointing people and making empty promises. I like smiling even in hard times. I respect and embrace everyone in the society. discrimination is not part of my life as I believe everybody is equal before God. He created us in his own image so why love others and hate others? and how would you feel if the same this was done to you? you never know who will come to your rescue tomorrow so think about this next time you do such acts.  3 words that I love and use the most are EXCUSE ME, SORRY and THANK YOU. I say these on a daily basis and I think every hour. ooh ooh I gotta go so get more from me later. for now let me Rise, Sing, Play and Dance….. not forgetting to smile as its the food to my sould


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